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Along with Vinpearlland Safari sightseeing trips, you will have a chance to see a whole ecosystem of rare plants from many regions.

The exhibit starts with Drynaria Roosii – a spece of Fern. This extremely rare spece will make you feel like entering a Primary Forest. If traveling with our tour guides, visitors will hear a lot of interesting stories around these plants.

Do not be surprised if you accidentally catch the smell of incense because this plant usually forms a complex. The core of sandalwood trees infected with a fungus, forming incense, has a very pleasant aroma that surprises us during the trip.


Do not miss a chance to get a glimpse of myrtle hills and gather first hand ripe myrtle fruits. If you caught a strange, dark green plant living as an epiphyte on the trees, it is most likely a Platycerium grande.

Exploring over 180 hectares, you will see an ecosystem of all regions of Vietnam. From the trees of the North to the brackish water species of rare plants of the South that maybe we had never heard or seen. Vinpearlland Safari will definitely surprise and delight you because of the diversity of the plant in right where many people think they understand very well – Vietnam.

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