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The rich are not necessarily qualified decorum, but are highly self-study through reading daily.
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Steve Siebold is the author of “Rich people think how” and is a well-known millionaires in the US itself. As a poor student he fell, Steve Siebold has rekindled desire to become rich after interviews with a millionaire. Since then, for more than three decades, Siebold continued interviewing more than 1,200 people in the world’s richest top. And he recognized their common entertainment was self-taught in the reading. Business Insider quoted Siebold said: “Let’s step into the house of a rich man, and one of the first things you see will be a huge library of books that they used to taught himself how to become more successful . Meanwhile, the middle class to read novels, tabloids and entertainment magazines “.


Bill Gates nổi tiếng là người thích đọc sách. Ảnh: Gates Notes

Which proves, the needs of the rich as education, rather than entertainment. Take Warren Buffett, for example. Buffett has said he spent about 80% of time each day for reading. Bill Gates also has the habit of reading before bed. Microsoft co-founder certain to read something every night, from the book of inspirational characters (Warren Buffett, Franklin D. Roosevelt), the development of history (invented vaccines and the atomic bomb) until the publication profound philosophical and intellectual (The Economist, Scientific American). By Thomas Corley – author of “Rich Habits: Habits Of The Daily Success Wealthy Individuals” (The habit to succeed the rich world), 67% of wealthy spend one hour or less per day to watch TV. While this rate with only 23% of poor people. In addition, only 6% rich people spend time watching reality programs; while this is the preferred activity of the poor (78%). The rich are not necessarily qualified decorum. Even many people still do not get adequate education. However, they both appreciated the role of the school after graduating, Siebold explained. “Many believe that the master’s degree, a doctorate is the path to wealth. They stuck with it and did not think of reaching the higher unconscious. The rich do not care about how implementation, which is the final result, “he wrote.