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The zoo is home of many species and wild animals from South Africa, Europe, India, and Australia… With modern structure, Vinpearl Safari’s residence surrounded by water trench, is openly designed to emphasize the natural life, brings on the real and true view to visitors.

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Through the road under the tree’s shade, visitors will discover life of Primates order, such as Douc langur, Silvery langur, Vervet monkey… or looking at the Asian elephants, Arabian oryx Klipspringer, Ankole Cattle, Equus hemionus khur or Bengal tiger, African lions, Warthog, Moon bear…In the meantime, attracting bird garden is divided into 03 areas: stork, peacock, myna with the charming of Flamingo lake. This experience is a special journey bring visitors back to the arm of Mother Nature.

Opening hour: 9:00 – 16:00 everyday

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