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Nestled on the huge area, Safari Park is the only wildlife park attraction which can meet the toughest requirement of Safari model. Each section in the park is designed upon the First time in Vietnam, visitors can enjoy the model of “human being in the cage, surrounded by freely roaming animals” while seating in the bus.



Nothing is more excited than you can enjoy by your eyes how amazed the wildlife would be: the laziness of lions in a sunny morning, the roar of king of the jungle, the scare of the deer while drinking water in the stream….This opened life is the ideal living condition for all species, especially for those which are now considered rare and endangered. All would be the unforgettable journey for each visitor.
As the first and the only safari park in Vietnam, Vinpearl Safari brings us closer to the wildlife of different species on the world.

Opening hour: 9:00 – 15:50 everyday

Note: The last Safari bus: 15:20 everyday

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