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Vinpearl Safari – The largest wildlife care and conservation park in Vietnam 

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~ 3000


~ 1200


Nestled in Bai Dai, the Northwest coast of Phu Quoc Island, Vinpearl Safari Park, boasting to be Vietnam’s largest zoological park, conserve abundant indigenous and exotic flora and fauna. The sanctuary is home to 400 species of plants, and 3000 wild animals representing 150 different species, many of which are considered rare and endangered

tham quan Safari 01

Main gate of Vinpearl Safari

  • Wildlife Conservation Park:

    • About 660 individuals of 45 animal species living in a system of open and nature-friendly exhibits, where visitors can enjoy on foot.
  • An Open-range Safari Park:

    • The one and only in Vietnam, more than 1,500 individuals of 100 animal species living in a completely open area with no enclosures, where wild specimens live in their natural habitats. Visitors can explore and observe the wild on a highly protected bus


The definition of Vinpearl Safari Park is beyond a wildlife exhibit park. It’s also designated as a centre for research, breeding, and preserving of the world’s rarest flora and fauna.

Vinpearl Safari – Wildlife conservation program

As its ongoing mission and commitment to join global effort in saving the planet’s biodiversity, Vinpearl Safari Park has orchestrated practical wildlife conservation program focusing on wildlife research, and education and communication campaigns to raise awareness and call for community’s action on protecting and preserving wildlife, the nature’s treasures, especially rare and endangered species. The program visibly manifest proactive response of Vinpearl Safari Park to the international combat of poaching and illegal trade of wildlife.

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