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Vingroup – Joint Stock Company (referred to as “Vingroup”), formerly known as Technocom Group, was founded in Ukraine in 1993 by a group of young Vietnamese, initially operated in food sector and gained great success with the brand name Mivina. During the first years of  the 21st century, Technocom was always present in Top 100 most influential businesses in Ukraine. From 2000, Technocom – Vingroup went back to invest in Vietnam with the desire to contribute to the country’s development.

 With a long-term vision and a view for sustainable development, Vingroup focused its investment in tourism and real estate industries, with two initial strategic brand names: Vinpearl and Vincom. Through its unremitting efforts, Vincom has become one of the No. 1 brands in real estate, with ranges of Commercial center- Office- Luxurious apartment complexes in major cities, leading the trend towards smart urban- luxurious ecology in Vietnam. Along with Vincom, Vinpearl has also become the pioneer in Tourism industry, featuring a chain of 5-star-and-above world class hotels, resorts, beach villas, amusement parks, golf courses.

In January 2012, Vinpearl JSC merged with Vincom JSC and officially operated under an Enterprise model and with the name Vingroup JSC. Based on the sustainable and professional development philosophy, after the incorporation, Vingroup restructured and focused on developing a variety of strategic brands such as:

  1. Vinhomes (High-class serviced apartment and villa system)
  2. Vincom (High-class commercial center system)
  3. Vinpearl (Hotels, resorts)
  4. Vinpearl Land (Entertainment)
  5. Vinmec (Healthcare)
  6. Vinschool (Education)
  7. Vincommerce (E-commerce)
  8. Vincom Office (Office for lease)
  9. Vinmart (Retail minimarts)
  10. Vincharm (Beauty care)
  11. Almaz (International Culinary and Conference Center)
  12. VinPro (Electronic retails)
  13. VinEco (Agriculture)
  14. VinDS (Retail store chain)

With a view to bring the products, services of international standards- as well as brand new experience of a modern lifestyle- to the market, Vingroup has always proved to be a pioneer in every field, leading the changes in consumerism trends. Vingroup has made the miracles to create a well-recognized Vietnamese brand, and is proud to be one of the leading private economic enterprises in Vietnam.

With its achievements, Vingroup is being rated as one of the powerful private economic enterprises, with dynamic and sustainable development strategies, and having the potential for international integration in order to grow to a regional and world ranking.

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