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Vinpearl Safari wildlife conservation program

In an effort to protect global biodiversity, Vinpearl Safari is developing a wildlife conservation program. Accordingly, the program consists of research, education and conservation activities, inspiring everyone to appreciate and conserve wildlife animals and nature altogether.



Vinpearl Safari Wildlife Conservation Program is established with a mission to promote conservation of wildlife animal and environment through research, education, and inspiring everyone to protect mother nature.”

Vission statement

Vinpearl Safari Wildlife Conservation Program (WCP) is engineered to be a representative of Vietnam’s wildlife research and conservation campaign. Vinpearl Safari WCP also contributes to Vinpearl Safari and Conservation Park’s progress to be a leading international standard safari park of Vietnam and in the region with commitments on practical and effective wildlife conservation.


Vinpearl Safari WCP’s activities are prioritized to meet the following goals:

  • Conserve wildlife and their natural habitats in Vietnam and worldwide by sustainable practices beneficial to both human and animal species.
  • Raise people’s awareness and inspire them in terms of wildlife and nature conservation.
  • Develop and improve the competence to serve in Vietnam’s wildlife conservation.
  • Develop and conduct educational programs on conservation, in conjunction with Vinpearl Safari’s activities.

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