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  1. By which means can I go to Vinpearl Safari (VPS)?

There are 2 main ways to reach VPS: by taxi and by bus. The free buses will take visitors from the centre to VPS.

  1. Does the bus pick up visitors from their hotels?

There are certain stops for picking up passengers to Vinpearl Safari, including: Eden Resort, Coi Nguon Restaurant, Kim Hoa hotel, etc. The first bus departs at 8:00a.m. You can call the Hotline 093 102 29 29 or 19006677 ext 4 for detailed instructions.

  1. What are the ticket prices for Vinpearl Safari?

Please refer to the ticket prices here.

  1. I want to purchase combo tickets for both VPS & VAP, is there any special discount I can get?

You can purchase combo tickets for both VS and VAP. The combo is valid within the day. Please see details here.

  1. What is the applicable admission fee for young children with height above 1.4 metres?

Vinpearl Safari’s tickets are based on kid’s height, therefore if your kid is more than 1.4 metres in height, he/she will need a ticket for adult.


  1. Why do I have to buy electric car ticket while already bought the entrance ticket?

Buggy car is an additional outside service to serve visitors who don’t want a long walk. This buggy ride does not take you around the ZOO, but only takes you from the gate straight to Safari. Buggy ticket is not inclusive in the entrance ticket, but will be sold separately at the ticket booth.

  1. How long does it take to visit the entire Vinpearl Safari area?

Vinpearl Safari consists of two zones: ZOO and Safari. It takes about 1 to 1.5 hours for a walk around the ZOO area, and another 30-45 minute walk for the Safari. Thus, visitors normally spend 2-3 hours visiting the whole Vinpearl Safari, depending on their speed and preferences on points of interest.

  1. How to deal in case of an animal attack?

The firm enclosure system, together with strict security control, at Vinpearl Safari ensure that it’s unlikely for a case of animal attack. In case there’s such incident, Vinpearl Safari’s technical staff are all well-trained for problem solving procedures, and the first-aid and emergency medical team is associated with Vinmec International hospital.

  1. How frequent is the bus?

On average, there will be a bus every 15 minutes.

  1. Can I bring in food for my baby?

It is our rule that visitors must not bring food into Vinpearl Safari. However, visitors with babies are allowed to bring in some milk/porridge for their babies.

  1. I accidentally lost my locker key, how can I claim my personal belonging?

In case you lost your locker key, please leave your contact details and list the items in the locker, Vinpearl Safari will contact you at the end of the day’s activities, we will prepare a report of the incident and return your items. Fees for key replacement (VND 50,000) and key tab (VND 20,000) will need to be paid prior to getting your items back.

  1. Is there any special support for a disabled person visiting Vinpearl Safari?

Rollators for the elderly and the disabled to be used in Vinpearl Safari are available at no cost. Please contact the locker desk for registration. A deposit of VND 200,000 is required for each rollator; this will be given back when the rollator is returned unscathed.

  1. Can I borrow an umbrella when visiting the Safari in case it’s too sunny?

Vinpearl Safari offers umbrellas for rent at VND 20,000 each – a deposit of VND 200,000 for each umbrella is required.

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