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Not only organising exciting animal life explorations, Vinpearl Safari also offers an entertainment world with many diverse activities. With the inspiration coming from wild nature, these activities promise to bring to visitors unique experience.

Animal performance

Animal performance is acknowledged as a unique spotlight, contributing to the diversity of the experience in Vinpearl Safari discovery journey.


  • Monday – Thursday: 10:00 – 10:30
  • Friday – Sunday : 10:00 – 10:30 & 14:00 – 14:30

LocationBehine Flamingo lake area.
(Programs may alter depending on weather conditions)

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Taking photos with animals

From the marvelous Blue-and-yellow Macaw Parrots to Albino Pythons, Komodos, and Savannah  Lizards, etc, all are eagerly waiting to record the lovely moments with visitors to Vinpearl Safari .


Time & location: Animal performance area (after the show is over)

Price: 50.000 VND/ shot

Zulu Dance (Temporarily deactivated)

This is the traditional dance of the Zulu people, the largest tribe in South Africa, inhabiting mainly in the KwaZulu-Natal district. This dance is usually performed during wedding, children birthday, 21st birthday or events celebrating the tribe’s glorious achievements.

Carrying the wild and strong echoes of the “Black continent”, Zulu dance has never failed to eliminate the boundaries and distance,

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Taking photos with the Mascot

Visitors enjoy the atmosphere full of fun and hospitality from the Mascot dudes at Vinpearl Safari. These cute friends will give you laughters and adorable photos.

Time: Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 – 9:30.

Location: Vinpearl Safari ticket control gates

Making toy figurines with the craftmen

“To He” is Vietnamese’s traditional toy figurine, this rustic yet unique folk toy bring many exciting moments, carrying in itself not only cutural and traditional beauty but also a sense of artistry and education. At Vinpearl Safari, visitors not only eye-witness the skillful craftsmen turning colorful doughs into vivid and lively To He, but also have the chance to make one themselves.

To He is made from a mixture of rice flour and glutinous rice, dyed with colors extracted from natural plants, thus absolutely safe for health. They are playable and also edible.

Time: Holiday occasions.

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Face Painting

Vinpearl Safari’s face painters will help visitors wear makeups of their favorite animals. Adventures in the wild will get more amazing when visitor become one of the Safari’s “residents”, engaging with nature, and getting closer to the wildlife “friends”.

Time: Holiday occasions.

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